Hello friend!!! Congratulations for your newly started business. I am sure you have all the skills so that your business will prosper within very few days. Have you planned about the promotion of your business? I hope, yes!!! But are you confused a little about the options to use in your custom business cards? Don’t worry. I am here to help you up.

In this age of technology and electronic media, people often neglect the importance of printed promotional methods like the business cards. I want to remind you that business cards are equally important marketing tool in these days, as it was during the old days. Roughly, you should include the following options in your business card.

Name of your business/company:

I think inclusion of this option doesn’t need any explanation. The only thing I want to mention specially that the name of your company should be written in some attractive but readable font. If you use multiple colors in the name of the company, select the colors intelligently and professionally.

The logo of your company:

I think you have already created an excellent and professional logo for your business by either hiring a graphics designer or yourself. My suggestion for your to not to make the logo complicated to understand. To make your business card interesting you can use your logo as a water-mark in it.

The services you provide:

It is obvious that you will include the services you provide in your business card. But I will suggest you to put this information in the backside of your business card. Traditional business cards are printed in one side. But why shouldn’t you make your business card look different than others?

The contact numbers:

My suggestion is to include a couple of phone numbers in your business cards. You should provide a contact number in which you will be available for 24×7, other than the official business number.

The address of your business:

The address of your business location should be printed in your business card. In fact, provide the information like nearest landmarks or the bus routes if the space permits.

Other options:

The five options I mentioned are the elementary ones that you have to provide in your business card anyhow. Nevertheless, you can be a little creative in designing the template of your business card so that you can include some other information like a slogan, the office hours or the different branches of your business. Thanks!!!