Hello friends! How are you? Here in this article we will discuss a bit about the online business cards and online printing of the business cards. Actually with the advent of technology our life changed a lot. But the business cards didn’t lose its value as a marketing tool. But along with the hard copies the online version of the business cards is now equally popular.

The term marketing also includes ‘online marketing’ these days. Even you can find some social networking sites are made for only the business professionals. In that case how can you promote your business online? Don’t worry!!! The online business cards are the solution here.

Advantage of online business cards:

Business strategies and services are subjected to change any time. So, the templates of the business cards are needed to be changed from time to time. The best advantage of the online business cards is that you can change and edit the template at any given point of time. Moreover, it doesn’t require a vast amount of skills to edit the templates. Even online printing is a better option if you find a very little time to attend the printing offices. A good online business card should be compiled in such way so that you business website can draw a huge amount of traffic. So that you should put a link in your business card through which your customer will be navigated to your business website.

Features to be included:

Online business cards should be designed as a simple multimedia presentation or a portfolio. You can always pour your imagination and creativity while creating it. But the followings are the basic features to be included in your online business card:

  • The website links of you business/company
  • Some high resolution pictures that are related to your business. It will be better if the pictures are original and you have the copyrights for those pictures.
  • A background narration should be included. The narration will depict the history and motto of your company. You may mention your clientele and the services you provide through the narration. So you can understand that this part is the most important section of your online business card.
  • You can add some ear-catching sound effects.
  • Email link should provided by which you customers will contact you online.
  • If possible, include some graphics video in your business card.

So friends, now I think you have enough idea regarding an online business card. Now take your laptop and start creating one for your business.