Since the earlier days business cards are being used as an important marketing tool. The trend is even continuing. But with the necessity of time the choice of people and the trends are changing every day. For example, the black and white days of the business cards are now gone. An intelligent use of the colors in business cards is a must-must in these days. Designing a business card even became a great profession for the creative graphic designers. Let us discuss about the latest and top-selling trends in the business cards.


This is the most popular trend in designing the business cards today. You can add more aesthetics and value to your business cards by die-cutting. But it should be done in professional and efficient manner. Otherwise, it can kill the main perspective of your business card.

Intelligent use of colors:

Copious use of colors is one of the latest trends in the business cards that the business houses are opting for these days. The most popular colors used by the business houses are blue, yellow or brown in the templates of business cards. In this place, I want to mention that even the black and white cards did not lose their significance completely even in these days. Even some of the old businesses carry the format of black and white business cards to continue their old business trends and the nostalgia.

Experiment with the logo of company:

These days even a small business house has a customized logo and they put their logo in the business cards. The professional looks in your card obviously depend a lot by the way you are using the logo in your card. So adjusting the size of the logo is very important in the business cards. The latest trend is the use of the logo as the water mark in the business card.

Plastic cards:

Unlike the days of paper cards, the business cards printed on the plastics are more popular these days. Actually paper cards were easily destroyable. But it is really tough to destroy a plastic business card. More over these plastic cards are transferrable and they look good and professional.

Other trends:

Lustrous UV coatings are used instead of the normal gloss to make the cards more trendy and durable. Using customized fonts or slogan are the other popular trends in business cards these days.